Dolby Atmos Music is the future. What an experience! You, the listener, are immersed in audio. You are inside a three-dimensional sound field. You are literally "inside the song!" You hear and feel every breath, every note, every detail, every emotion! Ask us how we can help you with transforming your listeners' experience of your music using our Dolby Atmos Mixing services and Dolby Atmos Mastering services.

As a matter of fact WE DO!!

From time to time we hold Dolby Atmos Music demonstration where you can come by the studio and hang and listen to some of the best Atmos work out there, including our work, and of course, Rocket Man by Elton John!!!

Make sure you send us an email through our Contact page [Book Now Buttons around the site] so we can add you to our email list to let you know when these events take place.

Just send us what you have available. If you are a label you probably know (if not, we can help).

If you are an independent artist send us either:

  • the stereo mix, if it's the only thing you have (mastered or not--if not, we can stereo master it for you at a discounted rate)
  • the stems, including effects separately please and with level and pan automation and fades baked in (the more stems you provide, the more "Atmosy" in a creative sense the mix/master will be since we'll have the added flexibility)
  • the multitrack project (extra charges apply for us exporting stems and/or matching the mix from multitrack sessions)



Yes, of course we do! Send us a message with your inquiry or give us a call at +30 6987-117-697 during regular business hours (Timezone: EET Athens)

Once you place an order, you will receive a link where you can upload your data.

You can also use wetransfer or if internet access or speed is an issue you can mail us a well-packaged usb stick, SSD* hard drive, and/or microSD (return postage paid please).

*we do not recommend sending non SSD hard drives in the mail (they are too sensitive).

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT send us your original drive! We are not responsible for anything that could happen to it and it would be such a pain to lose all that work!

ADM BWF stands for Audio Definition Model Broadcast Wave Format - a file format that carries both audio and metadata that are used by the streaming services to encode/decode your music into Dolby Atmos - Spatial Audio.

All orders require a 50% deposit with the remaining 50% due upon approval of the final pre-deliverable, after possible revisions (the file we send so you can check the work).

Once you have approved the work and made the payment for the balance, you will receive the ADM BWF file required by all streaming services to publish your song/audio in Dolby Atmos - Spatial Audio.

Yes, you can also arrange a visit to the studio to check out the final version, after approval, in our Dolby Atmos control room.


We accept all major credit cards, bank transfer, and PayPal.

All our rates are for unattended work. We get into the groove and can be very efficient and focused on your project without distractions.

Having said that, we would welcome you to attend if you are in the area or have made travel arrangements. Just let us know in advance, but please keep in ming that attended sessions, because they take more time, do incur an additional charge.