The Living Room Studios Control Room - Dolby Atmos Mixing
April 28, 2022

Control Room

Control Room Dolby-approved/tuned acoustically pristine 40㎡ control room with 9.1.4 monitoring designed by renowned acoustician/studio designer Jeff Hedback (Ozzy Osbourne, Lifehouse, Christina Aguilera). Book Now
The Living Room Studios Live Room
April 28, 2022

Live Room

Live Room 150m2 - 1600ft2 with 5m - 16.5ft tall ceilings!!! Amazing sounding drum room with a looooooooong decay time (when untreated)! Can comfortably fit a chamber orchestra, a full blown video crew, or guests for your special event. Book Now
Metropoulos 1968 Plexi in a Mesa Boogie Rectifier Cab 2x12 closed-back with Celestion Vintage 30s miced with two Shure SM57s and a Royer 121
April 28, 2022

Amp Room

Amp Room Hitting over 100dB with your killer (literally!) guitar tone? No worries! Our 4x12s and robot mic stand controlled from the Control Room are happily secluded from the real world and at your service!!! Perfect for reamping too! (OR you could always use the Live Room, stick a few room mics all over the place and call it a day!!!) Book Now