Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio Myth Busting
June 21, 2023Dolby Atmos for Music

Dolby Atmos & Spatial Audio Myth Busting

“There is a secret plan to exclude independent artists!” “Atmos is just a gimmick!” “Musicians and consumers are not excited about immersive spatial audio!!” There’s been a lot of commotion online lately about Atmos and Spatial Audio and its acceptance, adoption, or not, by consumers, artists, and labels. I’d like …

The Living Room Studios Control Room - Dolby Atmos Mixing
December 6, 2022Studio Life

The Living Room Studios Story

N. La Brea avenue in the early nineties was such an artistic hub. Musicians, actors/actresses, directors, writers, architects, painters, frequented the coffeeshops and bistros of the burgeoning area looking for a an alternative to close-by post-punk mohawk Melrose Ave that was still cool but too busy and noisy if you just needed a coffee and some i …