The Living Room Studios Control Room - Dolby Atmos Mixing

N. La Brea avenue in the early nineties was such an artistic hub. Musicians, actors/actresses, directors, writers, architects, painters, frequented the coffeeshops and bistros of the burgeoning area looking for a an alternative to close-by post-punk mohawk Melrose Ave that was still cool but too busy and noisy if you just needed a coffee and some inspiration!!

One of those places, that still after all these years, holds a very special space in my heart, was The Living Room Coffeehouse. I remember going there almost daily after a long day at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, alone or with friends, ordering a humongous latte then melting on that plush red velvet sofa–a la Friends–and working on song lyrics, making plans about the future, or just pondering life . . .

I think I do have a couple of pictures of the place but I need to dig through boxes! When I do I will add them here.

Fast forward a few years, when the big move back to Athens happened in 2010, and even though The Living Room had been closed for a while, its memory was still very vibrant in my heart and soul! And I wanted that vibe to be with me in Athens. So, The Living Room Studios were born in Marousi. Small, very cozy place where cool music and cool people were at the center of it all. 

Now, in our new location in Metamorfosi, and at a much larger facility (40m2 Dolby Atmos Control Room, 150m2 open space Live Room with 5m ceilings that can fit a small orchestra), that same vibe is still here!

What is today where the old The Living Room coffeehouse once stood proud? Last time I visited LA, about three years ago now–near the end of 2022–pre-Covid, it was a posh furniture store. I went in, looked around. I could still feel its indelible vibe.

And I’ll always do, as its still alive today at The Living Room Studios in Athens. We’d like to welcome you to come by, check it out, say hello, and let’s work on your music and/or other audio/video project together! And, by the way, we make great coffee too!!!


The N. La Brea area where The Living Room Coffeehouse used to be. From Melrose to Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles.
The N. La Brea area where The Living Room Coffeehouse used to be. From Melrose to Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles.